Does Anyone Expect to Pay Full Price Anymore?

Post-recession, retailers started discounting as a way of winning over a more cautious consumer. As Black Friday caps off a season of slow sales, BoF asks, is discounting bad for business?

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Is Digital Marketing really so different?

Hi! This is my first post in Digital Marketing. My name is Luisa. I’m 43, which, for many companies is too much for working in marketing. I’m even more old to work in “Digital” Marketing because the big companies generally have the idea of digital people as hipsters, you know, with their black frame glasses…and of course, over 30’s. They still don’t realize that we are all digital…we must keep working on that point!

I have been working in marketing for many years, more than 15…. and I loved it!

I have had my own small fashion company during 6 years more and I also loved it!

I’m Spanish, living now in Milano (Italy) and in two years….who knows?

Now I’m not working for any company. I have discovered that the only job that I can have is one that I could do at any time at any place, and also can come with me wherever I go, So I’m trying to construct my own “Nomad business”…well, at this point I’m lucky to be in the Digital Era!

With all this back up I’m learning marketing as it’s today. And today marketing is as digital as analogical. Of course its much more digital in the tools, but is Digital a business philosophy? If we understand Digital Marketing as putting the consumer in the centre of our companies, marketing has been always like this…

(A little break here…. This Digital Marketing explosion remembers me when Photoshop was launched, and everybody that learned to use it, thought he/she was a graphic designer. Fortunately for all, this was a fad)

In this book, page 3, Philip Kotler defines Marketing as “The human activity that aims to satisfy the human needs and desires through exchange processes“. Did you read Human twice? Yes!

All Social Media are about human relations, correct?

All digital marketing is about human needs and desires and exchange processes, right?

Do you know the publishing year? 1985.

Maybe we had forgot this marketing philosophy focus, confusing it with communication or advertising. Maybe we had never have a real marketing focus in our companies. We had a product and then we used to have a Marketing plan to sell it, putting one of the P’s prior to the other 3.

Digital for marketing means easier and quicker ways to investigate the consumer habits and needs, the competition, the results of our tactics….but this is not necessarily a change of philosophy. We must adapt our marketing strategies to the new habits of our new consumers in their new tools. But I make a reflexion: we, the marketers…. haven’t we have done this all the time?

We have to integrate the marketing that we already know and the one we learn every day, to this new habits and tools. If we are always learning, now we must learn faster, and act!

Now more than ever, as marketers, we can directly investigate, listen, follow and answer the audience of our brands to market them better.

*Please, forgive me. My English is not so good. I don’t know why I have written this post in English