I just finished to read this great post from Gregory Pouy that you must follow: The Top Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2013

I readed it in my favourite blog: businessesgrow from Mark Shaefer. Another expert that you must also follow

It’s an amazing compilation of the best Digital Campaigns in the world. There are some that are not produced for digital and this is even better because this is, once again, an example of how to mix marketing campaigns.

They are all awesome!

But, just in my modest opinion, my Oscars© go to….

Best Emotional campaign: Coca-Cola… I cried, I really did!

Best P&L Results campaign: E-Mart… I also would cried of happiness if I was the General Manager

Best Produced for You tube campaign: Beldent. A perfect “experiment” to become viral

Best Staying Alive/I love graphic Design campaign: Oreo. I really love the graphic Design and feel bad because we are missing it’s importance in communication. This is an example of how efficient it is in Digital world.

Best Play Brand campaign: Milka. The way they play with the brand was so aligned with the brand positioning!! Couldn’t be more tender! I also would give an Oscar to the Marketing Manager that convinced the rest of the management team to make it happens.

Best Results campaign: Follow2unfollow. Nothing to add.

And sorry, but I also have a Razzie for Nivea. I would like to see the results to change my mind, but….